Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Portal 2 is so close I can taste it..... mmmmmmmm

Yes thats right! in case you didnt already know (even though I siad it 1000 times during the last LP) im doing an LP of portal 2! I honestly cant wait for it! Im so exited! So yeah, Im going to record an hour of footage as sson as it comes out then divide it up into six parts then gonna realese 3 that day the 3 the next then after that it probobly will be 2 episodes for 3 days then just 1 per day until its finished.

Also, MrMabeanie and I have decided we will do a co op LP of welll.. the co op in portal 2. Thats gonna be up on the Ihasnobeanie channel, so look out for that.

Ihasnobeanie channel:
MrMabeanie channel:
Ihasnochille channel:
Ihasnotomato channel:

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