Saturday, July 30, 2016


It may appear that there haven’t been very many videos on Ihasnochille. Basically Ihasnotomato got really busy with Uni and having to upload most AIM Industries videos every week. There haven’t been many videos, as Dark Souls has been having problems, Team Fortress 2 had a big update and then of course there’s Uni work which always takes an important role. 

Videos that were marked as '1 month ago' end at the Obligatory TF2 vs Overwatch video and then it was a week before a new video came in the form of the first video covering the Meet your Match update. The day afterwards, coverage of Day 2 of Meet your Match was released, then a 3-day gap between day 2 coverage and day 2 considerations of the changes that the update brought. Ihasnotomato explained that he was playing lots of TF2 in those 3 days, which was why he couldn’t do a video on it. 4 days later his final thoughts came out. He’s not impressed with some parts of the update, but overall he thinks that it’s been pretty good.

10 days later the Let’s Plays start being uploaded again. I suspect that the lack of videos was because of other commitments, and for Undertale it was Erren’s availability, however Ihasnotomato did say that they recorded lots of Undertale, so the problem shouldn’t present itself very early in episode numbers.
Then he uploaded some Overwatch gameplay of him being the best player ever at Ana, a sniper character in the game. He said that because he couldn’t get any sleep he decided to record the video. He’s the boss, he does what he wants. But sometimes I cannot believe what he does to himself.
Also commentary has suddenly gotten better in Banjo-Kazooie: He’s been talking more about other things rather than giving a tutorial on how to play the game. Hopefully his workload clears itself out so that we get more Let’s Play episodes. It seems highly likely that Dark Souls will have to be abandoned in favour of a game that doesn’t lag so much.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Ihasnoleek.