Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Undersouls Catch up

Hello everyone,

A bunch of things have happened since I last did a blog post, but to continue from where I last left off I will explain how Ihasnotomato addressed the problems that began since he returned to uploading videos.

  1. Borderlands: Nothing has happened since he came back to uploading videos, but the problem of this Let's Play is the biggest of all of them: See the previous blog post for more information.
  2. Banjo-Kazooie: Ihasnotomato recorded a Catch up series with Mabeanie on AIM Industries, so now he has caught up with his LP and began uploading new episodes on May the 2nd.

     3. Ocarina of Time with Erren: Since Ihasnotomato returned to uploading videos, Ocarina of Time began being uploaded as the only LP for a while until it finished and was replaced with Undertale with Erren. Let's Play Dark Souls also began at the same time that Undertale did.

Now here's a list of videos from the recent LPs as well as the Team Fortress 2 videos. Rather than give you an entire series to watch, I've decided to link to individual episodes so that you don't feel obliged to watch the whole thing and can decide for yourself, especially if you've already played Dark Souls or Undertale (however you probably haven't played it with Erren).

I recommend this episode as Erren meets Papyrus and a love is born.

I recommend this episode as Ihasnotomato's character looks interesting when it's human. The first episode shows how he made the character as well as a closer view of her, so you might want to watch that one to notice the difference more.

While he's done three different TF2 videos on Ihasnochille since he returned, this one is my favourite because there is no reference to other peoples' ideas, like in the Pyro weapon one, and his opinion is based on his experience in playing the competitive mode, which is currently in Beta.

So that's everything so far. I wouldn't expect Borderlands to come back for quite some time, so don't stay up all night waiting.