Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Ihasnotomato recently took up using twitter, having opened the account only to contact a fellow Let’s Player. It has its own profile picture and the heading picture advertises both of his channels.

Although most of the tweets have been shares of each new video he uploads, he has mentioned to me that he may take it up as a blogging option. What this means for this blog cannot be said as this was merely a thought.

Anyway that’s all for now and he recently did a collab episode of Fallout: New Vegas with Akirasora (fellow member of A.I.M. Industries), so be sure to check that out. The last time he did a non-A.I.M. video with him was the One Piece Grand Adventure series on Akirasora’s channel. That was on the first of August, 2013…
Also, for those who aren’t in the know, the reason there are no Ocarina of Time episodes is because he ran out of them. It is explained in this video:

I’m done here.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ihasnochille 2015

Last year was the first complete year of the new Ihasnochille channel. After a long hiatus the channel had been rethought out so that three Let’s Plays would be running at the same time. Half-Life’s completion allowed for LPs which began under the channel revamp to have the same sort of commentary where episodes of different LPs were recorded around the same time as each other. Previously Ihasnotomato did one LP at a time, meaning more episodes of the same thing. Realising he had a bigger audience after the G-Man theory video’s success and the sudden increase of subscribers he chose a format which could deliver both variety and consistency.

I am Ihasnoleek, by the way.

So the format he chose started the year with the return of Half-Life/Black Mesa and the introduction of two new LPs; Ocarina of Time and Fallout: New Vegas. Interestingly only what I call ‘slot 1’ (Half-Life/Quantum Conundrum/Psychonauts) has featured LPs that have started and ended. Slots 2 (Fallout: New Vegas) and 3 (Ocarina of Time and Silent Hill 2) have only featured LPs that have started and not ended. However Ocarina of Time is looking to be finishing before Fallout: New Vegas due to the immense length of New Vegas. So hopefully sometime this year one of those LPs will finish and a new LP will be introduced alongside Psychonauts depending on how long Psychonauts is.
Meanwhile, Psychonauts is an interesting game with in-your-face characters and a wacky story, so please have a look at any episode of the LP. Note: Every episode has the word ‘mind’ in it.
I’ll leave you to it, bye!

PS: Ihasnotomato has a big new video intending to be released tomorrow. So set your clocks and keep refreshing the Ihasnochille channel page!