Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ihasnochille Revamp

Slap a bit of polish on that channel.
Note: On writing this, Ihasnotomato has made a few changes to his ideas.

Ihasnotomato’s ideas:
  •  Two LPs: 1 with Erren, 1 without. Without will be uploaded more regularly because it will be easier to produce.

  • One ‘other stuff’ slot: TF2 videos, Overwatch midnight videos, etc.

  • Combine Ihasnotomato and Ihasnochille: Rename Ihasnochille to ‘Ihasnotomato’ and start uploading new Vido Gms and stuff onto ‘Ihasnotomato’. Original channel will be renamed to ‘Ihasnotomatomk2’ or ‘Ihasnocarot’ or something like that. It will become a secondary channel for behind the scenes and other sorts of bonus content. Some prominent Vido Gms may be uploaded onto the new Ihasnotomato channel.

My Alternative Proposal:

  • Rename Ihasnochille to ‘Ihasnotomato’, begin uploading new Vido Gms and stuff to it when they are ready.

  • Rename Ihasnotomato to ‘Old Ihasnotomato’ so that the old stuff stays there and the new stuff will be part of the new era of Ihasnotomato content.

  • The idea of the ‘old’ may attract new viewers to the original channel and increase views on the videos there. On the new Ihasnotomato channel the change will likely attract dormant subscribers back to the channel and increase audience retention.
Ultimately the idea proposed by Ihasnotomato is to cut and paste Ihasnotomato channel content into Ihasnochille and then flip the hierarchy. It will increase Ihasnotomato’s focus on one channel and potentially draw more views to the new Ihasnotomato channel. He dislikes the rules he’s set himself regarding how he runs both channels and would prefer to have channels that are not restricted. 

In his own words, episodes 29 and 30 of Banjo-Kazooie are the videos in which he discusses the topic; ep 29 talking about changing Ihasnochille and ep 30 about changing Ihasnotomato.