Friday, July 23, 2010

Hats and montages

Ok for starters im very dissapointedd that i has no lettucedid a blog post without me so i made him stay away from my computer until i say otherwise.

So i was playing team fortress 2 on coldfrount one day minding my own buisness when suddenly i found another Physician's Procedure Mask. so when we changed servers i diceied to craft my duupe Physician's Procedure Mask and my Officer's Ushanka to make one of my favourite new hats!


Also i have been thinking of making a montage video for tf2 of some awesome kills and crap and i sorta tied making one is this viedo so look out for it!

-i has no tomato

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I has no golden wrench

ok first off i has no tomato is off on team fortress 2 swarming over the engineer update so il be filling in.
Anyways i know it hasent been long since the last post but i came to tell you that i has no tomato has crafted yet another hat! hes very happy with his new hat and cant be ripped away from it to write on his own blog.
Anyways times 2 so he made another video of him crafting his new hat and i managed to post it on youtube for him (im sure he will thank me later) Anyways times 3 heres the link to the video and the video about borderlands because i has no tomato forgot to put that on last time.

-i has no lettuce

Monday, July 5, 2010

i cant be borthered thinking of a title

well i decided to make a video on borderlands a while back but was to lazy, but when i reached the end i thought i might as well.

also i made a magazine concernig everything you need to know about your hero i has no tomato, but it wont be realsed for another 2 weeks because lets just say someones borrowing it for a while T_T

-ihasnotomato and such