Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ihasnotomato Returns and TF2 Montage

Hey people,

The other day Ihasnotomato released a thorough explanation of why he wasn't uploading videos for the past few months.

I will provide a simplified explanation of what he said, but if you want here's the video:

First of all, his computer problem revolved around it becoming increasingly slow over around 6 months until it started crashing randomly. The problem couldn't be diagnosed, but according to the repairer he took it to the graphics card was the main problem. The graphics card, being weirdly unique to Tomato's computer, couldn't be easily replaced. In response to this he gathered some money and purchased a new computer. His old computer is still working, but only runs for a maximum of 3 minutes at a time.

His friend Mabeanie had a similar problem in 2013 when his own computer slowed down until it wasn't worth turning it on. His Assassin's Creed Let's Play was delayed significantly while he got back to where he was at in the game.

Ihasnotomato couldn't find the code to install his editing software; Sony Vegas Movie Studio, so he was forced to buy the latest version. This meant he couldn't edit videos and that people would have to wait even longer for an update video.

His 3 Let's Plays have different situations because of what they are:

  • Worst - Borderlands has the worst situation because as an on-disc game the save files weren't on the Steam Cloud and so he now has to get back to where he was at, which is difficult because of the randomness of the appearance of items, so he won't be in the same place as before. To play the DLC he will need to finish the game over again, but the fact that he will probably have different everything means that he might not want to even bother.
  • Middle - Banjo-Kazooie is not a game Ihasnotomato actually owns, so he downloaded an emulator and ROM to play the game. He wasn't that far in the game and so he doesn't mind getting back to where he was up to.
  • Best - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Erren was finished a while back, so whenever every other Let's Play is ready OoT will be ready.
After almost a year without new ihasnotomato channel videos, a TF2 montage is uploaded. It's an airblasting and flare gun montage with clips edited to the tune of 'Animal Machine' by the Vines. While the montage paints him to seem like he's the best TF2 player around, the truth is that it took a lot of recording before he could get enough footage for a 3 minute frag video. The editing style appears to be inspired by DispleasedEskimo with Ihasnotomato's own touches to make it his own.