Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ihasnotomato 2017

A lot and a little has taken place since my last blog post.

  • First of all, the channel hierarchy has flipped. Ihasnotomato has been renamed to ‘Ihasnotomato Mk2’ and Ihasnochille has been renamed to ‘Ihasnotomato’. New unboxing videos and new content that was formerly uploaded to the first channel will now be uploaded to Chille. From now on, Ihasnochille will be referred to as ‘Ihasnotomato’ and Ihasnotomato will be referred to as ‘Ihasnotomato Mk2’. 
  • Second of all, Banjo-Kazooie finished a while back. I didn’t post anything because I haven’t finished watching it. Please don’t tell him! Ironically, he has to read this anyway…
  • Third of all, Ihasnotomato has been kind enough to let his clever audience figure out that he’ll be returning in 2017 with more Let’s Play episodes. This should explain the lack of episodes. Also, the lack of an official schedule should serve as an equally effective explanation of the lack of episodes. Technically there is no schedule.
  • Last of all, holy Lettuce, in the last month there have been a bunch of TF2 videos that have skyrocketed to being some of his most viewed videos of all time. His second most viewed video on Ihasnotomato (if you’re confused, please see ‘First of all’) right now is his coverage of Scream Fortress Eight, the Team Fortress 2 Hallowe’en update. It has reached a little over 26,000 views! I know it was uploaded two months ago, but to further cement my comment, listen to this: His Smissmas 2016 unboxing video has reached a little over 4000 views, and it was uploaded 6 DAYS ago! This means that Ihasnotomato is going places, and fast!

If you’re a lazy vegetable/robot like me, you’ll be both excited and too lazy to watch the 2017 Ihasnotomato videos.
Thanks for reading.
I have been Ihasnoleek.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ihasnochille Revamp

Slap a bit of polish on that channel.
Note: On writing this, Ihasnotomato has made a few changes to his ideas.

Ihasnotomato’s ideas:
  •  Two LPs: 1 with Erren, 1 without. Without will be uploaded more regularly because it will be easier to produce.

  • One ‘other stuff’ slot: TF2 videos, Overwatch midnight videos, etc.

  • Combine Ihasnotomato and Ihasnochille: Rename Ihasnochille to ‘Ihasnotomato’ and start uploading new Vido Gms and stuff onto ‘Ihasnotomato’. Original channel will be renamed to ‘Ihasnotomatomk2’ or ‘Ihasnocarot’ or something like that. It will become a secondary channel for behind the scenes and other sorts of bonus content. Some prominent Vido Gms may be uploaded onto the new Ihasnotomato channel.

My Alternative Proposal:

  • Rename Ihasnochille to ‘Ihasnotomato’, begin uploading new Vido Gms and stuff to it when they are ready.

  • Rename Ihasnotomato to ‘Old Ihasnotomato’ so that the old stuff stays there and the new stuff will be part of the new era of Ihasnotomato content.

  • The idea of the ‘old’ may attract new viewers to the original channel and increase views on the videos there. On the new Ihasnotomato channel the change will likely attract dormant subscribers back to the channel and increase audience retention.
Ultimately the idea proposed by Ihasnotomato is to cut and paste Ihasnotomato channel content into Ihasnochille and then flip the hierarchy. It will increase Ihasnotomato’s focus on one channel and potentially draw more views to the new Ihasnotomato channel. He dislikes the rules he’s set himself regarding how he runs both channels and would prefer to have channels that are not restricted. 

In his own words, episodes 29 and 30 of Banjo-Kazooie are the videos in which he discusses the topic; ep 29 talking about changing Ihasnochille and ep 30 about changing Ihasnotomato.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


It may appear that there haven’t been very many videos on Ihasnochille. Basically Ihasnotomato got really busy with Uni and having to upload most AIM Industries videos every week. There haven’t been many videos, as Dark Souls has been having problems, Team Fortress 2 had a big update and then of course there’s Uni work which always takes an important role. 

Videos that were marked as '1 month ago' end at the Obligatory TF2 vs Overwatch video and then it was a week before a new video came in the form of the first video covering the Meet your Match update. The day afterwards, coverage of Day 2 of Meet your Match was released, then a 3-day gap between day 2 coverage and day 2 considerations of the changes that the update brought. Ihasnotomato explained that he was playing lots of TF2 in those 3 days, which was why he couldn’t do a video on it. 4 days later his final thoughts came out. He’s not impressed with some parts of the update, but overall he thinks that it’s been pretty good.

10 days later the Let’s Plays start being uploaded again. I suspect that the lack of videos was because of other commitments, and for Undertale it was Erren’s availability, however Ihasnotomato did say that they recorded lots of Undertale, so the problem shouldn’t present itself very early in episode numbers.
Then he uploaded some Overwatch gameplay of him being the best player ever at Ana, a sniper character in the game. He said that because he couldn’t get any sleep he decided to record the video. He’s the boss, he does what he wants. But sometimes I cannot believe what he does to himself.
Also commentary has suddenly gotten better in Banjo-Kazooie: He’s been talking more about other things rather than giving a tutorial on how to play the game. Hopefully his workload clears itself out so that we get more Let’s Play episodes. It seems highly likely that Dark Souls will have to be abandoned in favour of a game that doesn’t lag so much.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Ihasnoleek.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Undersouls Catch up

Hello everyone,

A bunch of things have happened since I last did a blog post, but to continue from where I last left off I will explain how Ihasnotomato addressed the problems that began since he returned to uploading videos.

  1. Borderlands: Nothing has happened since he came back to uploading videos, but the problem of this Let's Play is the biggest of all of them: See the previous blog post for more information.
  2. Banjo-Kazooie: Ihasnotomato recorded a Catch up series with Mabeanie on AIM Industries, so now he has caught up with his LP and began uploading new episodes on May the 2nd.

     3. Ocarina of Time with Erren: Since Ihasnotomato returned to uploading videos, Ocarina of Time began being uploaded as the only LP for a while until it finished and was replaced with Undertale with Erren. Let's Play Dark Souls also began at the same time that Undertale did.

Now here's a list of videos from the recent LPs as well as the Team Fortress 2 videos. Rather than give you an entire series to watch, I've decided to link to individual episodes so that you don't feel obliged to watch the whole thing and can decide for yourself, especially if you've already played Dark Souls or Undertale (however you probably haven't played it with Erren).

I recommend this episode as Erren meets Papyrus and a love is born.

I recommend this episode as Ihasnotomato's character looks interesting when it's human. The first episode shows how he made the character as well as a closer view of her, so you might want to watch that one to notice the difference more.

While he's done three different TF2 videos on Ihasnochille since he returned, this one is my favourite because there is no reference to other peoples' ideas, like in the Pyro weapon one, and his opinion is based on his experience in playing the competitive mode, which is currently in Beta.

So that's everything so far. I wouldn't expect Borderlands to come back for quite some time, so don't stay up all night waiting. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ihasnotomato Returns and TF2 Montage

Hey people,

The other day Ihasnotomato released a thorough explanation of why he wasn't uploading videos for the past few months.

I will provide a simplified explanation of what he said, but if you want here's the video:

First of all, his computer problem revolved around it becoming increasingly slow over around 6 months until it started crashing randomly. The problem couldn't be diagnosed, but according to the repairer he took it to the graphics card was the main problem. The graphics card, being weirdly unique to Tomato's computer, couldn't be easily replaced. In response to this he gathered some money and purchased a new computer. His old computer is still working, but only runs for a maximum of 3 minutes at a time.

His friend Mabeanie had a similar problem in 2013 when his own computer slowed down until it wasn't worth turning it on. His Assassin's Creed Let's Play was delayed significantly while he got back to where he was at in the game.

Ihasnotomato couldn't find the code to install his editing software; Sony Vegas Movie Studio, so he was forced to buy the latest version. This meant he couldn't edit videos and that people would have to wait even longer for an update video.

His 3 Let's Plays have different situations because of what they are:

  • Worst - Borderlands has the worst situation because as an on-disc game the save files weren't on the Steam Cloud and so he now has to get back to where he was at, which is difficult because of the randomness of the appearance of items, so he won't be in the same place as before. To play the DLC he will need to finish the game over again, but the fact that he will probably have different everything means that he might not want to even bother.
  • Middle - Banjo-Kazooie is not a game Ihasnotomato actually owns, so he downloaded an emulator and ROM to play the game. He wasn't that far in the game and so he doesn't mind getting back to where he was up to.
  • Best - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Erren was finished a while back, so whenever every other Let's Play is ready OoT will be ready.
After almost a year without new ihasnotomato channel videos, a TF2 montage is uploaded. It's an airblasting and flare gun montage with clips edited to the tune of 'Animal Machine' by the Vines. While the montage paints him to seem like he's the best TF2 player around, the truth is that it took a lot of recording before he could get enough footage for a 3 minute frag video. The editing style appears to be inspired by DispleasedEskimo with Ihasnotomato's own touches to make it his own.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ihasnochille will return

Hi everyone,
It’s me, Ihasnoleek. Merry 2016 and all that, because today I was relieved of my long break by Ihasnotomato and he immediately requested that before I have breakfast I would update the blog.

So what has happened in the past four months? Nothing really.

·         Let’s Play Banjo-Kazooie

·         Super Mario World VIP 4
The strange thing is that he stopped uploading videos. Why is that?
In the first part of his two-part update he explains that his computer crashes randomly, and one of those crashes happened in the middle of a Borderlands recording session. So while he’s been trying to work out how to fix the problem he hasn’t recorded any new videos for Ihasnochille, however he has managed to upload a few things onto AIM Industries, so that’s where you can get your Ihasnotomato fix. Seriously people, drugs are a problem, so please go talk to someone about your problems.

One month later he uploaded part 2 of his update and explained that he had to move to a different house temporarily while renovations were being made on his home. At this temporary home the internet situation doesn’t serve him well with a daily upload schedule, so he didn’t know what to do.

Since then nothing has been uploaded, but quite a bit has been recorded in regards to Ihasnochille. He got together with Erren recently and finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He’s been working on new vido gms for his main channel and beyond that he’s just been preparing videos for this year, as he’s accepted that he’s on an unofficial break.
So yeah, a bunch of stuff has been happening and when he moves back home everything will be back to normal.

Ok, bye!