Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ihasnotomato 2017

A lot and a little has taken place since my last blog post.

  • First of all, the channel hierarchy has flipped. Ihasnotomato has been renamed to ‘Ihasnotomato Mk2’ and Ihasnochille has been renamed to ‘Ihasnotomato’. New unboxing videos and new content that was formerly uploaded to the first channel will now be uploaded to Chille. From now on, Ihasnochille will be referred to as ‘Ihasnotomato’ and Ihasnotomato will be referred to as ‘Ihasnotomato Mk2’. 
  • Second of all, Banjo-Kazooie finished a while back. I didn’t post anything because I haven’t finished watching it. Please don’t tell him! Ironically, he has to read this anyway…
  • Third of all, Ihasnotomato has been kind enough to let his clever audience figure out that he’ll be returning in 2017 with more Let’s Play episodes. This should explain the lack of episodes. Also, the lack of an official schedule should serve as an equally effective explanation of the lack of episodes. Technically there is no schedule.
  • Last of all, holy Lettuce, in the last month there have been a bunch of TF2 videos that have skyrocketed to being some of his most viewed videos of all time. His second most viewed video on Ihasnotomato (if you’re confused, please see ‘First of all’) right now is his coverage of Scream Fortress Eight, the Team Fortress 2 Hallowe’en update. It has reached a little over 26,000 views! I know it was uploaded two months ago, but to further cement my comment, listen to this: His Smissmas 2016 unboxing video has reached a little over 4000 views, and it was uploaded 6 DAYS ago! This means that Ihasnotomato is going places, and fast!

If you’re a lazy vegetable/robot like me, you’ll be both excited and too lazy to watch the 2017 Ihasnotomato videos.
Thanks for reading.
I have been Ihasnoleek.