Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Flying high

Hello everyone,

Before the night ticks into March, I have just enough time to throw together another blog post.
5 new videos have been released since January 31st.
3 of them are Anticipating the Pyro update episodes.
2 of them are subscriber milestone videos. 

Ihasnotomato reached 4000 subscribers recently and, on Valentine’s day of all things, released a video with the theme of the day in mind. The video wasn’t terrible. It was great. I’m not spoiling much of it because I think you should watch it.

The other video was to announce that IM Industries (recently renamed from AIM Industries) has reached 50 subscribers and will be going a Q&A. Feel free to check that video out too! He’s got a lot of questions about the Pyro now, so he’ll be busy when he records his answers.

Also, since the Free To Play Experience video is doing so well, I’ll update you on the numbers. It has more than 27,000 views!
I’m still waiting for some sweet behind the scenes or bonus stuff on Ihasnotomato Mk2.

I have been Ihasnoleek and this has been proof that I didn’t give up on my New Year’s Resolution