Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Extra credit

Ok first off, Like I said before i will be making the Gmod idiot show when i feel lke it, In the mean time I have dicided To make other videos Off random completly unrelated things, I have even made something today that i will explain below. There will be all kinds of thing Including: portal suff ( because off portal 2), TF2 crafting and more! so stay tuned and check the blog regulary.
In other news I have made A Portal level today using a mod i found called portal map editor Its pretty cool and I might make more so stay tuned!
- i has no tomato


  1. Not bad. I got all confused with going through a portal and found it almost hard to work out where you were going, but good work. Can't wait until you make another one!

  2. Hoping to read about crafting and the Portal relating thing that you mentioned soon, because currently I’m very into the game and you have a great deal of knowledge relating to it.